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Laser tattoo removal in San Bernardino County

The team at the Advanced Dermatology & Laser Center has helped patients throughout Redlands and the San Bernardino remove unwanted tattoos. We use latest technology lasers that produce exceptional results every time. We use the safest and most effective procedures in the industry. Our methods of tattoo removal treat tattoos faster, while achieving results in less treatments. Our team is dedicated to the practice of tattoo removal. We are experts who aim to give you the very best results each time. 

We work with any skin type in between 5 and 15 treatments. When you come to us you can expect to leave tattoo and scar free. The lasers we use deliver energy that is absorbed by the ink on the skin. The ink fragments are then removed in small particles. The tattoo is removed by your own body over a period of a few weeks. Each procedure is fast, lasting about 10 seconds for a 1-inch tattoo and 30 seconds for a credit-card-sized tattoo. When the laser targets an area, it will feel like a rubber band snap each time. The band delivers energy to the tattoo, which removes it from the skin, at 10x per second. Each burst of energy targets a dime-sized area. After the treatment is completed, the tattoo may have a white discoloration with some swelling which will resolve over a few days.